Here you’ll find union made examples of our two major emblem product lines, UnionMadeChallengeCoins.com, and UnionMadeLapelPins.com

We are affiliated with the International Association of Machinists union via our vendors, their union label is stamped or affixed on our emblems in an appropriate position. We do not charge for dies or set-ups if your order is fulfilled

Expect free virtual proofs when you place your order with us. Our Art Department will create free virtual proofs of your design, with your input, until you are satisfied to proceed with your order. Our company, through it’s Sister Sites, has been serving union locals & union organizations for over 25 years in communities throughout the United States and Canada. Among our union local customers, we include AFGE, AFSCME, ATU, Carpenters, IAFF, IAMAW, IATSE, IBEW, IUE-CWA, IUOE, Iron Workers, LiUNA, Millwrights, NATCA, NFFE, Teamsters, UA & UAW to name a few. We invite you to visit our websites and please remember, we do not charge for dies and offer free virtual proofs when you place an order with either of our sister sites.

What does Minuteman mean?

Minuteman: the citizen soldier of our Revolutionary War, quickly ready to fight for our independence, forbearers of today’s National Guard. Readiness is inherent in our team’s customer service, quick quotes and free virtual proofs, most often created in a day.

What we offer

We offer two union made emblem product lines via the websites below.

These Union Made Challenge Coins are truly valued possessions; they are given and received with great pride in the organizations that they symbolize.

Challenge Coins are offered in a variety of fine metal finishes, enamel colors and in several sizes to meet every budget.

Several presentation packaging options are also available.

Union Made Custom Lapel Pins and Challenge Coins come in a variety of fine metal finishes in several sizes and configurations, to meet every budget. Several packaging presentation options are available. Standard packaging includes Individually Sealed, Clear Poly Bags. All of our pins and coins are Union made in the USA with pride of workmanship.

We produce the finest quality emblem products

Relay on us to produce Union, USA made emblem products of the finest American quality. Emblems which will make a dynamic impression for your labor union local or organization, each stamped with our union made labels.

Let us work for you, creating an outstanding challenge coins, and lapel pins.

Please select the site of interest and send in your request for a prompt reply.

Our Team

Rich Ferreira, Senior Partner/CFO

Minuteman Promotions, LLC is led by a team of professionals with multiple years of
experience in all facets of the promotional emblem jewelry industry. As CFO and Founder of Minuteman Promotions, LLC, Rich is responsible for the financial operation of the company and as Senior Partner manages the company’s product lines. He oversees the art department working closely with our artists and customers in the development of each emblem design prior to its production.

Please let us assist you in the development of your emblem by utilizing our free full color virtual artwork proof service. We are committed to providing the highest quality of Challenge Coins, and Lapel Pins


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